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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

71ยบ Mostly Cloudy, Wind: 4 mph E, Precipitation: 15%

How Many Deer Seen? Buck: 0   Doe: 5

4:48 PM

Gary and I went to got sit in the hay field about 6:40 and while we were walking saw 3 does walk-in thou the bean field to the hay field so we played down under the beans so the does would not see us then I looked over the bean and she was in 35 yard of us and she lifted her head up and smelled us then Gary took a shot while they were running thou the bean field and missed so we went thou the timber and the Creek and walked up the hill and 2 more does popped up out of no where and stared walking down the hill towards the brand field and never saw them again that night so we walked to the house and took showers eat and went to bed and talked about where we should sit in the morning before school and never got up lol


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