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Thursday, September 12, 2013

67° Partly Sunny , Precipitation: 6% , Wind: 9 mph N

How Many Deer Seen? Buck: 0   Doe: 0

10:41 PM - Indianapolis, Indiana

Food plot are starting to fill in after a dry Aug. but the corn will be ready to bush hog around oct.30th

lookin good! come get you a Payne county monster this fall
Jared j Jared j says...
looks good man!
Chad bowhunter19 Chad bowhunter19 says...
nice work G. Should pay off this season
Troy McIntyre (AAA) Toymites Troy McIntyre (AAA) Toymites says...
looks a lot better than mine are doing. good job
Elkbuck elkbuck Elkbuck elkbuck says...

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