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Sunday, February 3, 2013

22ยบ Partly Sunny, Wind: 8 mph W, Precipitation: 25%

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4:33 PM

When is the prime time to go shed hunting?

I am going this weekend to Illinois.
G sauce  Gus G sauce Gus says...
I saw three racked bucks by my house this week. Should be anytime though.
Elkbuck elkbuck Elkbuck elkbuck says...
right now
Jeff Adams jeff32 Jeff Adams jeff32 says...
I usually go toward the end of February and beginning of march that's when I find most of mine
Chad bowhunter19 Chad bowhunter19 says...
I turkey hunt/ shed hunt.
Ron Hixson Drenalin08 Ron Hixson Drenalin08 says...

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