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Sunday, November 11, 2012

63° Partly Sunny , Precipitation: 9% , Wind: 13 mph S

How Many Deer Seen? Buck: 1   Doe: 1

6:22 PM - Dry Ridge, Kentucky

Had a great second day of gun season shot a nice thick 8 pointer probably go 140 and its two back feet were solid white! Another one for the wall!

nice buck!
Troy McIntyre (AAA) Toymites Troy McIntyre (AAA) Toymites says...
is that the first pied deer u have seen. that's pretty cool
Jeff Adams jeff32 Jeff Adams jeff32 says...
12work 12work 12work 12work says...
great pic and great buck !
G sauce  Gus G sauce Gus says...
yeah that's the first one ive seen I have heard if them bet never got one before I'm getting his feet done to as a gun hanger
Chad bowhunter19 Chad bowhunter19 says...
really nice buck. nice heavy mass. congrats
John Hendrickson John H John Hendrickson John H says...

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